Malcolm Butler denies having violated curfew

New England Patriots logo Iron-on Transfers

New England Patriots logo Iron-on Transfers

NFL Media reporter Ian Rapoport reported that the possible reasons for Malcolm Butler’s failure to start include poor health and poor training. Butler responded to the part of the curfew.New England Patriots heat transfers

Butler said on Twitter: “In the four years of my life as a patriot, I dedicated my own all to get excellent performance. I will never do anything that affects the chance of winning the team, including this year’s Super Bowl. Every evening, I return to my pro-family teammates on time every night.Super Bowl I never attended any concert that week, I didn’t commit foul curfews, I didn’t participate in the strange activities mentioned in the reports.The rumors to me And my family caused great harm.”

Butler also apologized for his explosive behavior after the game. He thanked General Manager Robert Kraft, Kraft’s family and Patriot coaches for their chances to play, and also thanked his teammates for his help.New England Patriots iron on transfers

“Although I hope to continue to help my team win, I also want to be prepared for the next opportunity. I will continue to work hard to prepare for the next season and try my best to be on and off the court.”

Butler will become a free agent in March.

Steelers run back to Bell: The most important thing in renegotiation negotiation is to protect income

Pittsburgh Steelers logo Iron-on Transfers

Pittsburgh Steelers logo Iron-on Transfers

Le’Veon Bell continues to have confidence in the long-term agreement with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

When he was on the NFL official website on Friday, Bell said he believed that his renewal issue was still a top priority for the Steelers, and he reiterated that the two sides are closer to reaching consensus than last year.Pittsburgh Steelers iron ons

For Bell, the most important part of contract negotiations is to secure income.

“Yes, there are many times when negotiations are related to securing income,” he said. “That’s the real value of the contract. You want security. That’s why I said I would accept a privileged label to play. All the salary is guaranteed. You want to make me a privileged label player again, you can, all The income is guaranteed.This is my opinion on the contract because I don’t want to sign a contract and everyone says that I signed a $70 million contract but only the first year income is guaranteed. So you’re in the The $17 million earned in a year is the only guarantee.”

Bell was asked if he would sign a contract if the Steelers gave him a contract that guaranteed 50 million U.S. dollars in revenue. “50 million US dollars to protect revenue? Of course,” he replied. However, he was later asked if Bell was unable to pay a $30 million guaranteed income contract immediately.

Last year, it was reported that Bell rejected the Steelers’ offer for a contract with guaranteed income of 30 million U.S. dollars for the first two years. Steelers may once again use a privileged label on Bell, which will make him pay $ 14.5 million next season.Pittsburgh Steelers iron on transfers

Bell missed offseason training and preseason games last year before signing a privileged label contract. He said on Friday that he plans to attend this year’s training camp.

Bill Security Guard Allen-Williams Announces Retirement

Buffalo Bills logo Iron-on Transfers (Heat Transfers) N1413

Buffalo Bills logo Iron-on Transfers (Heat Transfers) N1413

At this time last year, security guard Aaron Williams missed several times due to a neck injury and concussion. He needs to decide whether his career will continue.

After being cut off by Bill, Williams went to three teams to try out training. However, due to injury and illness, he failed to sign the contract. So he spent the entire 2017 season without a ball. Williams already knew what he was supposed to do. He chose to hang his boots and retired, completely relinquishing his dream of returning to the stadium.Buffalo Bills iron ons

Williams released a long article in the star stands to explain his decision, beginning with the apology of Bill fans and ending with the thanks of Bill’s fans. He said that they made Buffalo a “city where I grew up. “.

“When I woke up on the morning of January 1, 2018, I was still a vagrants. I knew everything was over, but where else can I find a cause that I love so much?” writes Williams. “There is something else in the world that can make people so obsessed—adrenaline, anger, and feelings that make others surrender.” To be honest, I don’t know what to do next. I only know that I’m not going to I played in the NFL again. It was also very painful for me, but when I remembered the first two years when Buffalo had nothing to do…the pain was deeper when I made mistakes because of my youth.”Buffalo Bills iron on transfers

Williams is Bill’s 2011 second-round pick and has played 59 games with the team in the past six seasons.

Ram Ram Offensive Coordinator Matt Lavro Joins Tennessee Titan

St. Louis Rams logo Iron-on Transfers

St. Louis Rams logo Iron-on Transfers

Mike Vrabel started molding in the coaching staff of Tennessee Titan.

Titan announced Tuesday that Matt LaFleur will be their new offensive coordinator.St. Louis Rams iron ons

In addition to Lafflow, Titan also appointed Dean Pees as defensive coordinator. Tyrone McKenzie, an assistant coach for the Rams special team, will serve as a frontline coach.

Lavroh served as the head coach of the first year of the season, Sean McVay, as the Los Angeles Ram offensive coordinator. Under Lavro, quarterback Jared Goff completed the transformation and became one of the best quarterbacks in the country. The Rams are the league’s strongest scoring team this season, and they are ranked tenth in the league in average yardage per game. They have made the playoffs for the first time since 2004.

After witnessing Lavro’s achievements in the Rams, Vladimir and Titan will hope that he can maximally stimulate the potential of quarterback Marcus Mariota while helping the defender Derek Henry ( Derrick Henry went further on the excellent 2017 season. Compared to the 2016 season, the Rams have more than doubled their scoring average this season (14 points in the 2016 season and 29.8 points this season), and the running back Todd Gurley ranked first in the league in total propulsion numbers. Goff’s quarterback score ranked fifth in the league.St. Louis Rams iron on transfers

Lavra, 38, will be responsible for offensive command for the first time in his coaching career. But it remains to be seen if he can really help Mario Tower and the offensive team continue to grow.

Kansas chiefs coaching staff lineup big shakeup

Kansas City Chiefs logo Iron-on Transfers

Kansas City Chiefs logo Iron-on Transfers

After losing to Titan this month, the Chief’s coaching staff has undergone several changes. However, until the United States on Monday, some of these changes were announced by the team.Kansas City Chiefs iron ons

Among the news, Mike Kafka, the offensive QM coach, was promoted to quarterback coach and head coach assistant Brad Childress. Defensively, Gary Gibbs, a linebacker nine years with the chief, will leave the team and his job will be split between two: Mark DeLeone directs insiders, Mike – Mike Smith will control the outside linebacker. De Leon has served as an assistant linebacker.

In addition, Corey Matthaei was promoted to an assistant offensive front coach and Joe Bleymaier will serve as a pass analyzer and assistant quarterback coach. Terry Bradden will serve as a defensive quality management coach. New Hire Jay Valai as Defensive Quality Management Trainer, David Girardi as Offensive Quality Management Instructor.Kansas City Chiefs iron on transfers

Lawrence defensive end Lawrence believes the cowboy will keep himself as soon as possible

Dallas Cowboys logo Iron-on Transfers

Dallas Cowboys logo Iron-on Transfers

Defending guard DeMarcus Lawrence made a stunning 14.5 last sackings and will soon enter the free market as soon as the contract expires, but he believes the Cowboys will not let other teams have a chance to huddle Opportunity.Dallas Cowboys iron ons

Lawrence and his agent said they expect the team to either contract with him before the free market opens or tag him with franchise privileges. Lawrence said he was very happy about being the top figure in the cowboy signing program.

“I’m glad they will give priority to keeping me,” Lawrence said. “I’m not worried, the broker helped me worry … I’m 100% confident he’ll do the job perfectly.”

Lawrence’s agent David Canter also has confidence.Dallas Cowboys iron on transfers

“I do not think the team will give us the chance to get into the free market and get out of Dallas.”

Lawrence currently earns a career $ 5.5 million, and if the cowboy labels him as privileged, his base salary will be $ 17 million by 2018 and the long appointment will give him more.

Eli – Manning look forward to working with the giant new coach Schumer

Although the record last season bleak, personal performance is also unbearable looking. But the fate of the Giants and quarterback Eli Manning will continue.

New York Giants logo Iron-on Transfers

New York Giants logo Iron-on Transfers

According to media interviews, Manning is looking forward to working with the new coach Pat Shurmur.New York Giants iron ons

“I am looking forward to seeing his tactical arrangement during the game, understanding his perception of defense and learning from him.” Manning said: “In this way we can unify our views, communicate better and find ways A way to score effectively. ”

Schumer’s son Kyle Shurmur is a quarterback at Vanderbilt University and is a member of the Manning Pass School.New York Giants iron on transfers

“I had a brief conversation with Pat there,” Manning said. “I got some idea of him and I know he was the offensive coordinator of the past, looking forward to him to enhance the performance of this team.”

Crow cornerback Malone – Humphrey was arrested for robbery

Baltimore Ravens logo Iron-on Transfers

Baltimore Ravens logo Iron-on Transfers

Crowing cornerback Marlon Humphrey was arrested Thursday for a robbery in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He is charged with a third-degree robbery, which implies the threat or use of violence in the criminal process.Baltimore Ravens iron ons

According to local media reports, reports from the University of Alabama police station show that Humphrey and the remaining three were borrowed a cellphone charger from drivers while traveling on Uber to the hotel. Upon reaching her destination, Humphrey refused to return the charger and took away the remaining wires. The driver told police he was elbowed when he tried to get his property back. After the police confessed with Humphrey in the hotel, Humphrey claimed that a data line was his own, but the data line did not match his mobile phone.

Crow issued a statement on Thursday confirming that cell phone chargers are the key to things.

“Malone told us it was a misunderstanding caused by a $ 15 mobile phone charger, and he said it was his own.” The Raven wrote: “As far as we know, he consulted with the University of Alabama police station, We will continue to focus on events. “Baltimore Ravens iron on transfers

The coalition is also examining Humphrey’s case to determine if further sanctions are needed.

Saints general manager think it will not be too difficult to keep Brisbane

New Orleans Saints logo Iron-on Transfers

New Orleans Saints logo Iron-on Transfers

Although the Squad quarterback Drew Brees can choose to impact the free market, he has already said he wants to remain in the saints.New Orleans Saints iron ons

Saints general manager Mickey Loomis said the team wanted to close the contract with Mr Bliss, but they have not really started to act yet.

“We want him to be a quarterback and find time to start talking to him,” Loomis told local media. “I do not think there are any big problems waiting to see.”

The free market does not really open until 3.14, and the saints still have time to deal with the problem, but they want to evoke the desires of the world.New Orleans Saints iron on transfers

As a 38-year-old veteran, Brees can be a brilliant man who was intercepted only eight times last season (with the fewest Saints) and a passer score of 103.9, the highest in nearly four years.

“This is not just a matter of data. His leadership is the key. He is equivalent to the facade of the saints, and no one in New Orleans knows his name, and he deserves all the honor he has won.”

Cowboys close to hire Karen Moore as quarterback coach

Dallas Cowboys logo Iron-on Transfers

Dallas Cowboys logo Iron-on Transfers

Cowboy owner Jerry Jones said the Cowboys are completing a contract with quarterback Kellen Moore, who will become the new quarterback coach.Dallas Cowboys heat transfers

Moore was a member of the Cowboys for the past three seasons, replacing the unreplaced Wade Wilson position.

“I do not want to be too formal, but I’m happy to keep Moore there,” Jones said. “There will be more detailed and formal statements going after, but first we have him sign him.”Dallas Cowboys iron on transfers

In addition, the Cowboys also renewed running guard coach Gary Brown. Jones himself likes the new co-ordinator Sanjay Lal. Larr was a former coach at Pony, and Jones said he is one of the “most sought after” assistants in the league.