Veteran quarterback Michael – Vick plans to retreat as a falcon player

Since Michael Vick has been in the past 10 years since the Atlanta Falcon star has become a prisoner. He also played for the Philadelphia Eagles, New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers after he was released from prison. But he will be kept in mind because of the great performance of the Falcon, and the Falcon is where he wants his career to end.Atlanta Falcons iron ons

Vic told the media that he had contacted the Falcon and wanted to sign a one-day contract with him and officially retired as a Falcon player.

“Hope to finish this matter soon,” Vick said.

Vick has not officially retired, but he says he has turned his attention to work with young people. He regularly appears in schools and adolescents to tell the children not to make the decision he has ever made to lead him to jail.Atlanta Falcons iron on transfers

“I think I’m happy,” Vick said. “Let the children get together and let me relax.”

Although Vick did not leave the falcon that year, 10 years later to falcon retired players will make a lot of Falcon fans happy.

Andy – Reid clear some defensive players will miss training

Philadelphia Eagles logo Iron-on Transfers

Philadelphia Eagles logo Iron-on Transfers

Although most of the chiefs players return to training, but coach Andy – Reid (Andy Reid) also do not attend some volunteer training players can not.

Eric Berry, Justin Houston, and Marcus Peters both missed the offseason, but Reid said he had They talked about and how was it going.Philadelphia Eagles iron ons

“I teach people here like – this is what I am doing,” Reid said, “people here are eager to repeat training, which is beneficial to us harmless … …”

“It is voluntary, so it does not depend on them.I know the idea of everyone.”

Two of them were not surprised by the absence of Houston, mostly due to contract with knee problems, while Berry had two years due to contract and lack of cancer. Neither the contract nor the injury of the Pitts absence to make people puzzled.Philadelphia Eagles iron on transfers

J.J. Watt for a complete offseason event

Houston Texans logo Iron-on Transfers

Houston Texans logo Iron-on Transfers

Off-season training, the Texas people back to their own defense team one of the heavyweight, but the other two key players are only injured in the sideline watch training.

Defensive knives J.J. Watt (J.J. Watt) last season due to injury missed 13 regular season games and 2 playoffs, but has returned to Texas training. Watt had said during the offseason that he would be more attentive to personal training. On Tuesday he added that he would try to join the team in a new way.Houston Texans iron ons

“I do not like the slow pace.” The best place to return is to meet with my teammates, to be on the floor, to be with them in the talks, and I feel great. Pleasure. ”

Linewalker Brian Cushing and Whitney Mercilus were not able to work with Watt on Tuesday. Cousin shoulder injury in the body, only in the sidelines to do some training.Houston Texans iron on transfers

The Vikings coach completes the eighth eye surgery

Minnesota Vikings logo Iron-on Transfers

Minnesota Vikings logo Iron-on Transfers

Mike Zimmer, head of the Minnesota Vikings, missed the team’s one game last season due to retinal detachment. Minnesota Vikings iron ons

Last week Zippoo accepted an interview with ESPN reporters that last week he finished his eighth eye surgery, seven months ago he started the eye’s first operation, followed by his team on October 31 The team lost to the Chicago Bears, on December 1 last year due to surgery he missed the team against the Dallas Cowboys game, but then in the game against the Jacksonville Jaguar appeared, but the right eye with protection.

On Saturday, Zimmy held an American football charity training camp and hoped that the eighth operation would be his last surgery.Minnesota Vikings iron on transfers

Matt – Ford: the jet bad season because of their own fight

New York Jets logo Iron-on Transfers

New York Jets logo Iron-on Transfers

This is not the first time people will say that the New York jet will have a good season, because the previous season they almost into the playoffs, but last season they eventually 5 wins and 11 losses.

Especially in the last season signed a runway Matt – Ford (Matt Forte) in the case of such regressions is incredible. Ford averaged only 3.7 yards per season last season, which is the second-lowest figure in his career.New York Jets iron ons

Ford said: “The exchange between players has become difficult, we are training together But everything seems like everyone is training for themselves, we are fighting for themselves, but do you know the people around it? This That is why we have no trust. ”

The season’s two games, Ford’s outstanding finish, finished 196 yards, but after that, his data went down badly, with only 100 yards of data and six games less than 30 yards.

Into the new season, the jet is clearly aware of their own internal needs of some chemical reactions. “We went back to the locker room and we knew our question that season, we identified the problem and talked to the coach to discuss how to change these questions and how to change the culture of the locker room if we were going to correct last year ‘s mistakes.New York Jets iron on transfers

Ford, 31 years old, will enter his 10th career season, since 2014, he no longer more than 1000 yards season, but the last 2 years is not because of injury problems, he also has the top running back strength , Hope this season he not only in the attack to help the team, but also in the locker room to assume the responsibility of the leader.

NFL and CFL continue to expand the referee project cooperation

New York Giants logo Iron-on Transfers

New York Giants logo Iron-on Transfers

The NFL and the Canadian Football League (CFL) are trying to raise the level of the two sides.

United States time 5.16 announced six NFL referees will be in June and July to CFL work, this time is CFL preseason and regular season a few weeks before the six CFL referee will participate in the NFL referee development project, to accept additional training , If the ability to highlight the opportunity to participate in the NFL game.New York Giants iron ons

“The common goal of our two consortia is to continue to develop high-quality, seasoned referees,” said Troy Vincent, executive vice president of NFL Rugby Operations. “We are still working on how to collaborate to provide referees More field experience, but the personnel can not fall.I believe that this relationship will be a good harvest.

CFL season and NFL season, most of the coincidence, so the two unions have no way to really share the referee, but the training resources can still enjoy together.New York Giants iron on transfers

The Bears hope the health defensive team will bring new weather

Chicago Bears logo Iron-on Transfers

Chicago Bears logo Iron-on Transfers

Although most of the signatures are used in the defensive members who, but the Bears defense is not foolproof. Their hopes are still on those who recovered from injury last year, the players who.Chicago Bears iron ons

This is the defensive coordinator Vic – Fangio (Vic Fangio) in the mini training camp focused on the theme, he particularly want to see outside the line Leonard – Freud (Leonard Floyd) brave performance. Floyd missed four games last year due to concussion and other injuries.

According to local media, Fang Jiao said: “A lot of injuries affect his last season, hope that after a year, his health is better, to overcome these problems.If he is healthy, I am confident of him “Chicago Bears iron on transfers

Freud made seven assists last year, the performance worth looking forward to.

Also worth seeing members include Eddie Goldman, Prince Amukamara and Marcus Cooper, as well as security guards. Quintin Demps.

Cardinals signed quarterback Brian – Gabe

Carolina Panthers logo Iron-on Transfers

Carolina Panthers logo Iron-on Transfers

Carson Palmer has a new replacement.

According to a number of media reports, Blaine Gabeb (Blaine Gabbert) will be signed with the Cardinals 1 year base salary contract.Carolina Panthers iron ons

2011 Jaguar holding the team to find the quarterback hope to use 10 on the election under the Gabriel. After Gabe let them down for three years, and ran San Francisco 49 people Biequ 3 years. Now he will compete with Drew Stanton and Zac Dysert.

27-year-old Garbert last year for 49 people starting 5 games, harvest 5 touchdowns, 6 steals.Carolina Panthers iron on transfers

Seattle Seahawks cut veteran corner guard Pelish – Cox

Seattle Seahawks logo Iron-on Transfers

Seattle Seahawks logo Iron-on Transfers

Seattle Seahawks are adjusting the lineup, which has a small well-known players need to find a job again.

Cape Perrish Cox (Perrish Cox) is Tuesday by the Hawks cut one of the eight players.Seattle Seahawks iron ons

This is the second time in the past 7 months Cox was laid off. He was cut off by Tennessee Titan in November last year. He played for the Titans 11 games to obtain 42 times grappling 3 steals. The Hawks signed him in January this year because of the tear of the knee anterior cruciate ligament in the playoffs of the Atlanta Falcon last season in the playoffs of the Seahawi Sheide. At that time the 30-year-old Cox was considered to have had the opportunity to stay in the Hawks array if he had a good job in the training camp, but now he had no chance to join the Hawks training camp.

Seahawks also signed another former Titan player, defensive end of David – Bath (David Bass). Bath in the past four seasons, respectively, for the Titans and Chicago bear effect, played 49 games, made 85 grapples, 2 steals (one back to touchdowns) and 1 forced to drop the ball.Seattle Seahawks iron on transfers

Dolphin Adoption Manning Opinion Trading Julius – Thomas

Miami Dolphins logo Iron-on Transfers

Miami Dolphins logo Iron-on Transfers

Miami Dolphins finished a surprising deal in this offseason, with Branden Albert trading to Julius Thomas of the Jacksonville Jaguar. Both players have slipped in the past few years, but the dolphins have seen the advantages of Thomas.

Before the dolphins made the deal, they adopted Peyton Manning’s advice, and Manning had helped Thomas to do better.Miami Dolphins iron ons

Dolphin offensive coordinator Clyde – Christensen (Clyde Christensen) once in Indianapolis pony coach Manning 2 season, adopted Manning for Thomas’s opinion.

Obviously Manning’s opinion in the dolphins choose to trade Thomas played a huge impact, especially Manning evaluation Thomas will be a good red zone scorer, which is missing last season, dolphins, their headed proxies Dior – Dion Sims last season only completed 26 times the ball 4 touchdowns to promote 256 yards, which for the proximal front performance is not good.Miami Dolphins iron on transfers

And the new season they will be owned by Thomas, Thomas had in the 2013-2014 season Gaisi teach the Mustang attack system to complete the 108 ball to promote 1277 yards and 24 touchdowns.