Sam Danodd did not report to the jet training camp

Minnesota Vikings logo Iron-on Transfers

Minnesota Vikings logo Iron-on Transfers

At the opening of the Jet Training Camp, the highly regarded rookie quarterback was not present.

According to Nan Network reporter Ian Rapoport, there are no Sam Darnolds in the rookies reported on Tuesday. Before agreeing with the team about the details of the contract, Darnold will not take the risk of injury to participate in the training.Minnesota Vikings heat transfers

Laporte also pointed out that the team veteran has not yet reported to the training camp, the first formal training will have to wait until Friday.

This is not a panic for the team, although under the current collective bargaining agreement, the first-round show strike protest is rare. But as long as the two sides sign the contract, Danod’s return to training is a matter of nailing. But for Danod, missing an offensive training means that Josh McCown and Teddy Bridgewater are less likely to be the starting lineup.Minnesota Vikings iron on transfers

The Patriots are seeking to trade the receiver Malcolm Mitchell

New England Patriots logo Iron-on Transfers

New England Patriots logo Iron-on Transfers

Malcolm Mitchell’s career in the New England Patriots was bright, but now his days in the Patriots may come to an abrupt end.

NFL official website reporter Tom Pelissero reported that the Patriots are seeking the next deal, Mitchell, according to informed sources.New England Patriots heat transfers

Mitchell, who was selected in the fourth round of the 2016 draft, was thought to be a key player in the Patriots’ receiver. He played 14 games in the rookie season (6 starts) and completed 32 catches to get 401 yards and 4 touchdowns. Even more impressive is that he made this data after the elbow dislocation in the preseason.

In the reversal of the Super Bowl against the Atlanta Falcons, he completed 70 catches for 70 yards, which made his star look smoother. However, the injury caused him trouble again. The knee injury before the start of last season made him reimbursed for the season.

After spending a lot of time to recover, Mitchell’s current state is still unknown. When asked by the media whether he was ready to participate in the training camp, his answer was “We are waiting for you.” When asked about the recovery of the knee injury, he replied “I am fine.” Today’s trading rumors have made people have a clearer understanding of his injuries.New England Patriots iron on transfers

If he can return to the state of 2016, there is no doubt that Mitchell is worthy of a deal with other teams. Curiously, in the case of Julian Edelman being banned for four games, the Patriots are still actively seeking to trade Mitchell. But in the Patriots, everything is possible.

Pony General Manager: Quarterback Lack will be unrestricted to participate in training

Denver Broncos logo Iron-on Transfers

Denver Broncos logo Iron-on Transfers

Andrew Luck is ready to train.

Indianapolis pony general manager Chris Ballard announced on Friday that the team’s star quarterback is ready to participate in the training camp.Denver Broncos heat transfers

Ballard told reporters that Lark will be unrestricted in training. He will train with the starting lineup and there will be a few extra breaks. Ballard also confirmed that Lack will play in the preseason.

When asked about Lack’s passing ability, Ballard confirmed that Ruck “has a very good pass.”Denver Broncos iron on transfers

This is good news for pony fans after Lack missed the entire season due to the need to recover from shoulder surgery. The 28-year-old Lack only made pick-up and kick-off training in the entire offseason except for a few passes in the mini-training camp.

After the return of Lark, the pony should be able to show off with a new look, they may be able to set off some waves in the southern part of the United States in the new season.

Briss believes that Lack is expected to be re-elected as a player

New Orleans Saints logo Iron-on Transfers (Heat Transfers) N1587

New Orleans Saints logo Iron-on Transfers (Heat Transfers) N1587


Saints quarterback Drew Brees believes that Andrew Luck or Darren Sproles will be elected as the winner of this year’s comeback. Last year, Sprolls tore the anterior cruciate ligament in the third week of the regular season, and his arm was broken. He had to be reimbursed for the season. Lack had never played since 2017.New Orleans Saints heat transfers

Briss also suffered from a laceration of the shoulder and shoulder joints. He was once thought to bid farewell to football, but he managed to recover and continue to fight. Briss believes that Lack can do the same.

“Any injury related to the hand that passed the ball is hard to recover. I understand that Andrew has suffered even more.” Bris said, “Obviously, he has gone a long and difficult road, but this year. He also made an effort during the offseason, hoping to continue to achieve high-level performance.”New Orleans Saints iron on transfers

Pittsburgh Steelers running guard Bell may be absent from the training camp again

Pittsburgh Steelers logo Iron-on Transfers

Pittsburgh Steelers logo Iron-on Transfers

Le’Veon Bell may once again choose not to participate in the Pittsburgh Steelers training camp.Pittsburgh Steelers iron ons

Bell’s agent confirmed that the Steel Man’s running guard program did not participate in the training camp as he did last year and signed the franchise label contract issued by the team before the first week of the game.

When asked if Bell would be absent from the training camp like last year but participated in the first week of the competition, the agent replied: “Unless a special situation occurs, it is true.”

Bell and Steelers could not sign a long-term contract before the deadline for the renewal of the franchise label player on Monday. Nan’s official website reporter Ian Rapoport reported that Bell rejected a contract of $70 million for five years and a salary of more than $30 million for the previous two seasons. Bell will now play in the new season with a $14.5 million franchise label contract.Pittsburgh Steelers iron on transfers

After the two sides were unable to sign the renewal contract, Bell would treat the remaining offseason as the focus of attention. Steelers have predicted that Bell will choose to absent from the training camp after not getting a new contract, but his agent said that the decision to absent from the training camp has nothing to do with the contract, just to maintain the body.

Last year, Bell reported to the Steelers on September 1. He participated in 15 games last season, completed 321 rushes to get 1291 yards, and completed 85 catches to get 655 yards, a total of 11 touchdowns. However, Bell was slow in the start of the season. In the first three games, he rushed for 52 times and only got 180 yards and 1 touchdown. After several games, he recovered.

On Monday, Bell said on Twitter that the 2018 season will be his best season so far. He needs to enter the state as soon as possible after the start

Bears first-round show Smith did not report to the camp

Chicago Bears logo Iron-on Transfers

Chicago Bears logo Iron-on Transfers

This week is the day when the Bears rookies came to the training camp, but their first-round picks did not appear this year.

According to Nan Network reporter Ian Rapoport, first-round show linebacker Roquan Smith did not report that Smith would not attend the event until the rookie contract was signed. .

Chicago Bears logo Iron-on Transfers 

The Chicago Bears are one of the duel players in the August 2 Hall of Fame, and the rookie coverage time is so early that the veteran will report on Thursday.

Smith is the first show of the Bears’ first round this year. In the 2017 season, he completed 137 cuddles at the University of Georgia, won 6.5 kills, and won the Butkus Award for the top linebacker. He is expected to start with veteran Danny Trevathan and use his keen instinct to complete anti-run and anti-pass missions.

Of course, he also has to report first.

Richard Sherman believes that the sea eagle lost his way

Seattle Seahawks logo Iron-on Transfers

Seattle Seahawks logo Iron-on Transfers

Corner guard Richard Sherman has always had a straightforward character.

Sherman has spent seven seasons with the Seahawks. During this period, he was selected to All-Pro three times and was selected to the professional bowl four times. He is also a key member of the “Blasting Legion” that won the 2013 Super Bowl. However, Seahawks only achieved a 9-7 record this year, and did not even enter the playoffs. During the offseason, Sherman and defensive end Michael Bennett left the team one after another, announcing the end of the era of “Blasting Legion.” At present, Seahawk is still deadlocked with All-Pro-level security guard Earl Thomas due to contract problems, and the situation seems to be less optimistic. After leaving Seattle, Sherman joined the original 49 opponents in San Francisco and talked about the current situation of Haiying. He thought it was “regrettable.”Seattle Seahawks iron ons

“False and misjudgment have ruined the conditions that can be surprisingly successful.” Sherman said, “There are not many things left now. Earl Thomas is here… He is still playing well. But the team wants Who chooses to pay high, is the two excellent linebackers, or one of the top quarterbacks in the league? The outstanding outside players Doug Baldwin and the offensive tackle Duane Brown are not. The players who can be sent by ordinary contract. The team has lost its way, it is as simple as this. There have been too many mistakes during this time. They have dug a hole for themselves and can’t climb out.”Seattle Seahawks iron on transfers

The last five teams most need five people in the Stanley Cup

Tampa Bay Lightning logo Iron-on Transfers

Tampa Bay Lightning logo Iron-on Transfers

David Boyle

This season, David Boyle became the most popular general manager in NHL history. From Washington to Nashville, the 1333 victory did not result in a Stanley Cup. Father Battier Boyle played for the Toronto Maple Leafs for four seasons and won the Stanley Cup in 1947. David Boyle has been managing the NHL team for 46 years and he is still waiting for his first Stanley Cup title. In 1972, Boyle began working on the management of the Atlanta Flame team. As the first general manager in the history of the Marauder team, he led the team to the Stanley Cup last year and broke the ball this season. The highest score in the regular season of the team. Interestingly, if the Marauders can win the Stanley Cup this year, the name of his son Marauder’s operations director, Brian Boyle, will also be engraved in the Stanley Cup. Can the names of the three generations of the Boyle family be in the Stanley Cup for three generations? We will wait and see tomorrow morning.Tampa Bay Lightning iron ons


The 32-year-old Ou Baye finally touched the ice rink of the East, and Crosby, the leader of the enemies Penguin, has already won the Stanley Cup three times. Whether it is “private complaints” or “team enemies” Ovichkin is more than any player eager to get the Stanley Cup. In fact, the performance of the capitalists and the other three teams in Washington in the playoffs has been made into countless pictures. The capitalists who took the lead in breaking the curse need to bring a good start to other Washington DC teams, and whether the capital can bring this head depends on Ovechkin. His body carries the hope and burden of a city.


The 28-year-old Stomox may not have to worry about the delay in getting his Stanley Cup in his career. After all, he and the lightning are currently strong. But the opportunities are always fleeting with their team names, especially in the ever-changing NHL playoffs. After the Losers lost to the Red Wings in 1998, they never thought they would spend 20 years breaking through the season. The second round of the post-match. In 2015, Stomox and the Lightnings team missed a great opportunity, and this year I believe they will never let the opportunity slip away.Tampa Bay Lightning iron on transfers

Paul Stastern

The 32-year-old Stastery has played in the league for 12 seasons. He is a diligent forward and the best player candidate has been inseparable from him. His father’s Hall of Fame player Peter Stastin has played in the league for 15 seasons and has not won the Stanley Cup. The fate of the father and son is strikingly similar, and Stastern certainly wants to realize the dream of being a father and son.

Gerard Garant

The 54-year-old Garant has 11 seasons of player career and 7 seasons of coaching career, but unfortunately did not get the Stanley Cup. In 1995, Garant started his own coaching career in his hometown. He started coaching in the NHL team in 2001. NHL’s team is not good, and after a number of teams have been transferred, the 2017 Vegas Cavaliers invited him. All the people did not expect that the miracle would happen later. On January 3, 2018, Garant served as the head coach of the Pacific Division in the NHL All-Star Game. But the biggest wish of the coach is of course the Stanley Cup.

The Stanley Cup competition has always been cruel, there is always someone excited to celebrate, there are always people crying to leave. We certainly hope that all the hard-working NHL practitioners can engrave their names on the Stanley Cup. But there is only one champion. Although most people can’t fulfill their wishes, I believe that their love for ice hockey will never be lost.

The Marauder Gate God once again surpasses the gods. The Capital People’s Congress will break the spell.

Detroit Red Wings logo Iron-on Transfers

Detroit Red Wings logo Iron-on Transfers

The second round of the NHL playoffs went to the closing phase. After the 20-year regional finals, the Washington Capitals finally got a snowy and shameful in the away game with Kuznetsov’s lore, 2-1 defeated the bitter Pittsburgh Penguin and advanced into the Eastern Conference finals. On the other hand, the Nashville Predators, with their team’s tough defense, were 4-0 in the away game against Winnipeg Jets, and they had a strong morale. They will be in the home game against their opponents in Beijing time on Friday. Want to know the detailed battle report of today’s game, move to Tencent Sports Report. Below, the best 3 stars per day will be presented to you.Detroit Red Wings heat transfers

A perfect, a bad one. Pekka-Rine was beaten by 6 goals in the last game. After being replaced by substitute goalkeeper Saros, he adjusted his status to the best on the road. In the face of the Jets’ 34 shots, Rene blocked all shots and helped the Marauders series to seal their opponents for the first time.

In the first quarter, 15 minutes and 14 seconds, the Predator took a 1-0 lead and the Jets got more chances. The Wheeler received the ball and passed the ball to Stasney in front of the goal. The latter two consecutive games. The second shot was saved by Rene. The danger is not over yet. When Buffalon once again gives the other side of the scrimmage point to Lene, the latter does not stop the ball and shoots. Rine passes the advance movement in front of the door and effortlessly puts the ball into the bag. in. In the second quarter, 6 minutes and 13 seconds, Enstrom’s blue line long shot, Rene will be under the ball, when the front of the goal of Sifuli intends to fill the goal, Rene Eyes quickly hit the ball with the club region.Detroit Red Wings iron on transfers

In the end, under the strict defense of the Marauder team, although Li Nai faced a jet shot of 34 times, these shots were not very high quality with the help of the Marauder guard. All of these shots were saved by Rene. . Rene also contributed the first zero of this series.

The original NFL chief executive said that the new kick-off rules have changed dramatically.

North Carolina Tar Heels Logo Iron-on Transfers

North Carolina Tar Heels Logo Iron-on Transfers

NFL officials will meet in Dallas to discuss new alliance rules, and questions about helmet use will be the main content.North Carolina Tar Heels heat transfers

In addition to the use of helmets, the rules related to kick-off have also changed a lot. The NFL changed the position of the players before the kick-off, reduced the content of the edge interception, and also specified the time when the attacker began intercepting.

Terry McAulay, the former NFL chief executive who retired this season and began to serve as an NBC rule analyst, will also participate in the meeting. He said that the potential impact of the change in kick-off rules cannot be ignored.

“Although the media didn’t pay much attention to it, the changes in the rules of kick-off did exist. I have never seen such a big change.” Mike O’Reilly said, “People know little about it. The limits of both offense and defense have increased.” I also talked with a special team coordinator. He is very much looking forward to the implementation of the new regulations. We all think that this is good for the development of the game. But the rules are still very complicated, but we need to wait and see. change.”North Carolina Tar Heels iron on transfers

The NFL preseason will begin on August 2nd, US time, when the Bears and Ravens will compete in the Hall of Fame.