Cowboy Line Antoine – Hitchchen injury without surgery

Dallas Cowboys logo Iron-on Transfers

Dallas Cowboys logo Iron-on Transfers

The injury of Anthony Hitchens of the Dallas Cowboy was not as bad as expected.

The initial report was that Hickinson could have missed the entire season, but further diagnoses showed that Hitchhsi’s injury was tibial plateau fractures, rather than ACL torn. Cowboy official website reported that the results of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging confirmed that Hizzy’s ligament is not damaged, the recovery process without surgery.Dallas Cowboys heat transfers

Hitchhashi and therefore do not have to enter the injury reserve list, is expected to return to eight weeks. But if everything goes well, he may return before the sixth week.

Jaylon Smith and Justin Durant are expected to be the centerline during this time.Dallas Cowboys iron on transfers

New England Patriots give up defensive end Koni – Erie

New England Patriots logo Iron-on Transfers

New England Patriots logo Iron-on Transfers

Can not find a deal after the home, the New England Patriots cut off Kony – Erie (Kony Ealy).

Patriots on Saturday announced that they cut off the defensive end.

Erie’s departure was due to his inability to integrate Patriot tactics with a variety of defensive strikers. Originally the Patriots hoped that he would be able to fill the vacations after recruiting veteran Rob Ninkovich, but now it was clear that their hopes were lost.

After having to cut Erie, the Patriots will be the team’s most promising young player Trey Flowers (Trey Flowers) as the team’s top defensive end.New England Patriots iron on transfers

Patriots in March this year to pay this year’s draft second round pick from the Carolina Panthers won the Erie and Panthers this year’s third draft pick. But Erie never followed the Patriots’ progress, and during most of the training camp he was trained with the bench and the edge player.

Erie in the team just five months after the rapid departure of the Patriot is a rare player to introduce failure cases.

Jets defensive front line members determined to harvest every capture

New York Jets logo Iron-on Transfers

New York Jets logo Iron-on Transfers

The jet did not make any refreshing changes in the offseason. If they can get better than expected results, it is certainly relying on their excellent defensive front line to win. It is a powerful striker with a master of Sheldon Richardson, Muhammad Wilkerson and Leonard Wiliams.New York Jets iron ons

One of the Titans Williams has taken the lead, set up a small goal for their own: this season made at least 16 sack.

“My goal this year is to take a sack every game,” Williams told reporters, “Yes, this is my goal, not nothing nothing from the field point of view, each scored a goal or no So untouchable. “New York Jets iron on transfers

Williams in the past 32 games in the harvest of 10 sack, if he can achieve their goals, the output can be said to have a leap in the upgrade.

New Orleans saints signed the former Vikings full of Zach – Ryan

New Orleans Saints logo Iron-on Transfers

New Orleans Saints logo Iron-on Transfers

New Orleans saints this year for the second time signed the former Minnesota Vikings running back.

But it can be said that this contract will not be signed than Adrian – Peterson more sensational effect. The saints signed the former Vikings, the Zach Line.New Orleans Saints heat transfers

Ryan has worked for the Vikings over the past four years, so when he and Peterson are all in the Vikings he did the work for Peterson. He played 31 games in the last two races, starting with nine games. In this two seasons, he was 13 times the ball made 25 yards 2 touchdowns, and he also completed 6 times the ball to get 95 yards 1 touchdowns.

Ryan accepted the hip surgery during the offseason this year, but the saints signed him to show that they felt he was ready to show his level. But in the case where the saints have already owned John Kuhn and have Paterson, Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara in the halfway position Ran can get how much chance is unknown.New Orleans Saints iron on transfers

Jamal – Charles is eager to prove himself to rehabilitation

Denver Broncos logo Iron-on Transfers

Denver Broncos logo Iron-on Transfers

Jamaal Charles does not care about this weekend’s preseason.

Because a series of numbers has been proved for him a lot: career 7260 yards red ball, 23 games more than 100 yards of single-game red ball, the league’s first average of each time the ball to promote 5.45 yards.Denver Broncos iron ons

“My talent shows everything,” said Charles.

And this Saturday game, Charles can be against the Green Bay Packers in the game to fully prove himself or the previous oneself, as he himself said, “Jamal never left, everyone is doing big Of the sale, and I am a big sale of football field.

Over the past two years because of knee injury, Charles had to leave the Kansas chiefs, and now he will be wearing the Denver Broncos 28 shirt. But 30 years old he also needs and CJ-Anderson (C.J.Anderson) and a group of rookie running back with the opportunity to play.Denver Broncos iron on transfers

Finally, Charles insisted: “I firmly believe that some things it is destined to happen, so I am destined to come back to the game.

Cardinals will be Dion – Buchan Lennon from the injury list activation

Cincinnati Bengals logo Iron-on Transfers

Cincinnati Bengals logo Iron-on Transfers

Deacon Bucannon has had to go back to training for some time, but at least he does not have to stay on the list of injuries.

Buchan Nong at the beginning of the training camp because of an ankle injury into the list of injuries. US time Tuesday, the team announced the reactivation of Buchan Lennon, he can participate in the team morning exercise, and efforts to recover, to participate in the preseason next week.Cincinnati Bengals heat transfers

If things go well, Buchan Lennon still has the opportunity to participate in the regular season first week of the game, but the team does not want to look forward to aggressive.

“We have not yet had to give Dion a burden,” said Bruce Arians, coach, “and it is fortunate that he can play.”Cincinnati Bengals iron on transfers

Haason Reddick, the first-round pick, will be starting with Carlos-Dansby to share the task that originally belonged to Buchan Lennon. If the Buchan Lennon preseason can not play, it is expected to be replaced by Reddick.

The Falcon has yet to determine the origin of the right guard

Atlanta Falcons logo Iron-on Transfers (Heat Transfers) N1379

Atlanta Falcons logo Iron-on Transfers (Heat Transfers) N1379

Ben Garland and Wes Schweitzer continue to compete for the fist starting position.

“I want to wait and see for a few more days to see how they are doing this week,” said Dan Quinn, “they are now in almost the same state.”Atlanta Falcons iron ons

Quinn also showed his emphasis on the right guardian pass protection. After the offseason Chris Chester (Chris Chester) announced the decommissioning decision, this has become one of the big problems. Garland starred in the preseason opener, Shi Weiji is starting the second field.

Garland has also played in the center of the game against the Steelers on Sunday, which may prove Quinn’s tendency to start: the general bench only need to play two positions.Atlanta Falcons iron on transfers

“The two men are playing well,” Quinn said, “Weiss is bigger and stronger, and he is not much worse, but he can use their own speed to seize the opponent. Very high. ”

Garland has played 24 regular season games, but did not start, last season for the Falcon starting all 16 regular season. Shiwei is the last six round show, not played the regular season.

Sea Hawk confirmed that George – Fante would receive ACL surgery

Seattle Seahawks logo Iron-on Transfers

Seattle Seahawks logo Iron-on Transfers

Seahawks need to find a new left front.

Head coach Pete Carroll confirmed that he was going to undergo surgery on Friday against a George Fant ACL that was pulled out of the Viking race.Seattle Seahawks heat transfers

“It’s really sad,” said Carroll, “it’s so unfortunate that he has made so much contribution and merit … everyone will support him and help him recover, but his knee injury needs to be accepted Surgery, this season will be more trouble.

Although the Seahawks did not say whether the season will be reimbursed, but the general tear will be the end of this ACL.Seattle Seahawks iron on transfers

Van Te is a former college basketball player, signed last year as a seawall and Seahawks, almost zero basis he became the first generation of the Seahawks left. The Hawks think he has the potential to become the front line.

The appearance of the rookie quarterback forced Enrich Smith to be more aggressive

Kansas City Chiefs logo Iron-on Transfers

Kansas City Chiefs logo Iron-on Transfers

Kansas Chiefs quarterback competition is now escalating, with the team in April selected rookie quarterback Patrick – Ma Huomu Si (Patrick Mahomes), it seems that the rookie quarterback appears to veteran quarterback Alex Smith is more aggressive.Kansas City Chiefs heat transfers

Kansas City Star newspaper reporter wrote: “In order to gain a foothold, starting quarterback Smith need to repeat a lot of training, so his training camp performed very well after he had never been so determined so aggressive, I believe Patrick’s Appeared to help Smith go further.

The 33-year-old Smith has been in the league for many years, but he has never been a single season to complete 23 pass touchdowns experience, and his passing average of only 6.8 yards each time, but his mistakes are similar to the quartile The lowest in Wei.Kansas City Chiefs iron on transfers

This season is likely to be Smith’s last season in Kansas. And Patrick’s preseason performance is very good, I believe will give Smith a lot of pressure.

Detroit Lions defensive end front Heide Achilles tendon tear to determine the season reimbursement

Detroit Lions logo Iron-on Transfers

Detroit Lions logo Iron-on Transfers

Detroit Lions defensive end Kerry Hyder (Kerry Hyder) the worst of the injury may become a reality.Detroit Lions heat transfers

Hyde due to Achilles tendon tear season reimbursement. He was injured in the first preliminaries of the Lion victory over Indianapolis Pony. After the game, the lion coach Jim Caldwell said it was a serious injury that signaled the bad news today.

The injury for the Lions defensive group is clearly a big blow, last season, Hyde unexpectedly made a breakthrough performance. He made 8 sack and 1 damage to pass.Detroit Lions iron on transfers

In the case of another defensive end Ezkiel Ansah, the loss of Hyde means that the strength of the defensive group is substantially weakened. Lions have many excellent players in the defense group, but the depth of the lineup is weak.