The NFL of the new season will not cancel the kick off, but there will be many differences in playing football.

New England Patriots logo Iron-on Transfers

New England Patriots logo Iron-on Transfers

At a meeting on Wednesday morning, the team boss, the manager, the position coach, the medical personage, a active player and a player union official had an unprecedented cooperation in order to reach a consensus on the rules for the safety of the players. They have made an important step towards the players who retain the most striking but dangerous part of the game.New England Patriots iron ons

The final draft rule change will be completed by the end of this week and will be displayed to all teams on Monday. The team owners will vote on the rules at the spring meeting later this month.

“I’m optimistic that we’ve made a change to make the game safer,” said Chief Secret Service Coach Dave Taub. “It is crucial that everyone participate in it. Rugby has come on the turning point. We can make the necessary changes to make the game safer or have negative consequences for all of us. Everyone realized that it was a need to do. ”

Although this change may not be huge for the audience, it is quite different for the players. In the new rules, the kicker will not be able to push the ball forward at the same time or move the ball before the ball is opened, and the receiver must not use the wedge in the back of the attack. In addition, the first 15 yards of the kicking point will be a contactless area, and the attacking side needs at least 8 players to be 15 yards away from the ball. This is considered not only to make some big front players absent from the attack and defense because they are more sensitive and fast players under the new rules, and the new rules can also avoid some violent collisions that occur in the second half of the attack. The opening of the new rule will be similar to the abandonment kick.New England Patriots iron on transfers

Packaging Manager Mark Murphy (Mark Murphy) admitted that the possibility of kicking the ball was cancelled because of the danger. He said the data showed that the concussion of players in playing kickoff is probably 5 times that of ordinary attack and defense. Ricci McKay (Rich McKay), chairman of the competition committee, said 71 concussions have occurred in the past 3 seasons, at least 1/3 because of the use of the wedge.

“We want to keep playing football, which is an important step to achieve this,” McKay said.

Pony boss: The team will rely on quarterback Lack in the new season.

Indianapolis Colts logo Iron-on Transfers

Indianapolis Colts logo Iron-on Transfers

Indianapolis pony quarterback Andrew Luck has not passed the regular size rugby for more than six months, but this has not stopped the team owner Jim Irsay. It is believed that the team’s starting quarterback will undoubtedly play in the new season, which will bring unlimited possibilities for the rebuilding pony.Indianapolis Colts iron ons

“Only Andrew can decide how far we are from success because he is a magical person,” Ilsai said. “Only some people have magic. You know who they are. I don’t have to name them. If he stays healthy and returns, he can make up for the team’s many deficiencies.”

“Can he lead the team all the way to success? We have to see how (Chris General Manager) Chris Ballard fills some of the team’s loopholes, especially in the defensive team. But when you have one of these players It’s hard to say how much he can make up because he is special. You have already witnessed this.”

Ilsai knows that some people will continue to doubt whether Lack can play in the new season. He also said similar things last year, but eventually Lack missed the entire 2017 season.Indianapolis Colts iron on transfers

In the past few months, I have been more optimistic about whether Lack can play in the new season. General Manager Ballard said during the physical test camp that he had no doubt that Lack could play.

Like Ballard, Ilsey said that if they had a bit of concern about Lark’s status, they would pick the quarterback in the draft. The pony will not trade down from the third overall position to the sixth net. Ilsai further stated that a team had hoped to trade Lak, but was rejected by the pony.

Since the shoulder injury in the third week of the 2015 season, Lack’s right shoulder has been the focus of attention. Lack trained for two weeks in October last year, but the team finally decided to let him take a break and inject cortisone to relieve his soreness. He went to the Netherlands for a six-week rehabilitation at the end of last year and trained with passing experts in Southern California earlier this year.

After playing every attack in the first three seasons of his career, Lack missed 26 games in the past three seasons. In the three seasons, the pony failed to make the playoffs.

Dolphins will perform the receiver’s fifth year contract option

The Dolphins have decided to implement the fifth-year contract option for the receiver, DeVante Parker. The team officially announced the decision on Tuesday afternoon. Parker’s salary for the 2019 season will be around $9 million.Miami Dolphins iron ons

This year’s offseason, the Dolphins took over the use of the team label by Jarvis Landry, but eventually chose to trade him to Cleveland Brown. Landry then signed a five-year, $75 million contract with Brown.

During the time of the dolphins, Parker’s output was not comparable to Landry. Although there are still abilities that are worthy of expectation, injuries have always been a major problem. In the past three seasons, he has only completed 139 catches, achieving 1908 yards and 8 touchdowns.Miami Dolphins iron on transfers

The Cardinals are very likely to trade up to the quarterback

Arizona Cardinals logo Iron-on Transfers

Arizona Cardinals logo Iron-on Transfers

The Cardinals are recognized as one of the teams that need to choose the quarterback this year, but their pick (15) adds to the difficulty of the selection.Arizona Cardinals iron ons

The solution is not without: up trading. According to Nan Network reporter Ian Rapoport, the Cardinals did “have a strong will (in the first round) to trade up.”

The teams that are more likely to trade are Mustang (5) and Pony (6). The Cardinals have an extra three-round pick in their hands, but they are better than the quarterback Bill (there are two draft picks in each of the first three rounds). General Manager Steve Keim may also need to be on the future draft pick.

After Carson Palmer retired, the Cardinals signed Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon, but this is not a long-term solution.Arizona Cardinals iron on transfers

Eagle and quarterback Nick Falls reorganize contract

Philadelphia Eagles logo Iron-on Transfers

Philadelphia Eagles logo Iron-on Transfers

Network reporter Mike Garafolo reports that quarterback Nick Foles, who was scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in 2019, has reached a revised 2018 contract with the Hawks. Consistent, the contract includes the 2019 option.Philadelphia Eagles iron ons

According to Nan Network reporter Ian Rapoport, the new contract includes $2 million in signing bonuses and millions of incentive bonuses, including incentives to become a starter.

After Carson Wentz, who replaced the tear of the knee ligament, and led the team to win the Super Bowl, Falls completed the rebirth and greatly enhanced his market value. Earlier this week, Falls said on the radio: “I know I might be traded. If I can get the chance to start again, I will be very happy. I know that I am in Philadelphia, I have already shown my own. Ability. There is still one year in the contract. I love this team and love this city. I am happy for the return of Carson’s success, I will do my best.”Philadelphia Eagles iron on transfers

Titan will execute Mario Tower’s fifth year contract option

Tennessee Titans logo Iron-on Transfers

Tennessee Titans logo Iron-on Transfers

On Wednesday, Titan’s general manager Jon Robinson said on the radio that he would soon implement quarter-finance options for quarterback Marcus Mariota. As the current Titan team building core, Mario Tower has all the talents needed for the next generation quarterback. But the health problem of this 24-year-old player is the biggest hidden danger. For the past three years, Mario Tower has not been able to fully play all 16 games in the season.Tennessee Titans iron ons This year’s offseason, Titan fired coach Mike Mularkey. Due to the restrictions of Mulaki’s offensive system, Mario Tower’s rapid passing ability and running ability have not been fully utilized. The new offensive coordinator, Matt Lafleur, has high hopes that he will inspire the potential of Mario Tower.Tennessee Titans iron on transfers

Near-end Feng Fu-Davis is happy to reunite with Smith

Washington Redskins logo Iron-on Transfers

Washington Redskins logo Iron-on Transfers

Vernon Davis spent 49 of his career in San Francisco seven years before his career, when quarterback Alex Smith was his good partner. After six years, the two veterans reunited in Washington.Washington Redskins iron on transfers

Davis did not hide his joy and expectations for Smith: “His level of progress has been amazing. He has improved his ability both inside and outside his pocket, and he can find ways to get the ball to the front. He knows where to get the ball. And it maintains high efficiency. Although he has been in his 14th year of his career, his performance will only get better and better.”

A year after the 49ers selected Smith with the No. 1 pick, Davis came to San Francisco as the No. 6 show. In 2009, Davis, who partnered with Smith, completed 965 yards and received 914 yards in 2010.Washington Redskins iron ons

Although Davis is “high (34 years old), he is still an important member of the Redskin attack system, especially when Jordan Reed is injured.

Husband Oman Dora: Patriot contract offer is far less than other teams

New England Patriots logo Iron-on Transfers

New England Patriots logo Iron-on Transfers

Danny Amendola, the wide receiver, explained in detail why he would leave the New England Patriots to join the Miami Dolphins this offseason. He said that after the third consecutive year for the team to choose a pay cut, the patriot’s continued The contract price is much lower than other teams.

“I started very open-minded. I understand that Bill Belichick’s salary space is tight, and he really doesn’t think he will give the player a big contract. I know I accept a pay cut so I can Playing for him and my teammates and fulfilling my contract, in the end, I believe he will give me the opportunity to stay.” Amendola told ESPN.

“When the free agent market opened, I realized that he wouldn’t really get a contract close to other offers I received,” he said. “I have to consider making a decision for my family and come to Miami to continue my career.”New England Patriots iron on transfers

In the offseason, Armando signed a two-year contract worth $12 million with the Miami Dolphins, which included $8.25 million in guaranteed income and bonuses.

The great success achieved by the Patriots is partly due to Biliccek’s balance in controlling salary space and building a lineup. Amundora stated that he learned about the NFL team’s commercial considerations early in his career and for the first time in his career. He was cut off by two NFL teams before the game.New England Patriots iron on transfers

Chiefs will sign the original Cardinals Runaway Kevin-Williams

Atlanta Falcons logo Iron-on Transfers

Atlanta Falcons logo Iron-on Transfers

Before the offseason, there were two Hunts in the runway lineup of the Chiefs. Now that the offseason project is about to begin, there are two more Williams in their backcourt.Atlanta Falcons iron ons

According to IFLOPPORT (Ian Rapoport), the NFL Network reporter, the chiefs will sign the original Cardinals Kerewyn Williams. Previously they had signed the former dolphins run Damien Williams.

Coveen-Williams played in the Cardinals for the past four years, and 2017 is his highest season. He rushed 120 times last season, advanced 426 yards and scored a touchdown. He also completed 10 catches, and the total number of touches in the previous three seasons was only 103.Atlanta Falcons iron on transfers

In addition to the two Williams, the chief’s current running lineup includes Kareem Hunt, Akeem Hunt, and Charcandrick West. And Spencer Ware.

Seattle Seahawks signed the first 49 corner guard Dong Tai-Johnson

The Seattle Seahawks added a much-needed starter experience to the cornerback position, signing the former San Francisco 49-man Dontae Johnson.Seattle Seahawks iron ons

Since being selected by the 49ers in the fourth round of the 2014 draft, the 26-year-old Johnson has played 22 games for the team in the past four seasons, including the first 16 games last season. However, his poor performance in preventing the transfer led him to be put on the bench in the game against the Houston Texans.

The Seahawks had a loophole in the corner after they cut Richard Sherman last month. DeShawn Shead also left the team and Byron Maxwell did not renew the contract, except for the second-year cornerback Shaquill Griffin and the slot. Outside the cornerback Justin Coleman, the Seahawks lack cornerbacks with first-hand experience.Seattle Seahawks iron on transfers

Johnson, who is 6 feet 2 inches and 200 pounds, has the ideal body for the outer cornerback of the Seahawks defensive team. The 49-man defensive coordinator, Robert Saleh, once coached at Seahawks, so the 49-man defensive system is similar to the Seahawks.

In 63 games in his career, Johnson scored 2 interceptions and 21 passes.